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Are you experiencing mildew, mould or condensation in your bathroom? Do you want to stop bathroom condensation, mildew, mould or steam in your bathroom? With Showerdome® Shower Top, it's an easy fix!

Showerdome is a clear acrylic dome that simply attaches to an existing shower cubicle to prevent steam from forming in the bathroom. That means no more steam, no more condensation, no more mould or mildew! Showerdome is an extremely effective way to make your bathroom healthier, happier and drier.

How Does It Work?

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Steam forms when the warm and moisture filled air inside the shower mixes with the cooler air outside your shower. This results in clouds of steam filling the bathroom. A Showerdome on your shower enclosure locks warm air in and keeps cold air out, which stops steam from forming. It's quite simple!

Can I Install Showerdome Myself?

Of course! Installation is simple with a DIY kit to help you get your new Showerdome installed on your shower enclosure. It's always best to have a trained installer handle your Showerdome DIY install. Click this link to find shapes/sizes available as well as how to measure your shower to find out what Showerdome is suitable for your shower.

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