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Bathroom Solutions Group Ltd has the ability to offer specialty and custom manufacturer and installed of shower doors, bath enclosures, shower/bath screens and wardrobe doors.  These can be in mirror and melamine finishes or custom wood ready to paint.

The benefits of our ability to custom make and install pieces ensures particularly during a renovation, that a perfect fit is achieved, or can ensure that available space is maximised and water tight.

Some of our specialty customised products include:

  • Luxury frameless door and screens
  • Shower doors and returns
  • Pivoting shower doors
  • Sliding shower doors
  • Bath doors and screens
  • Custom-made mirrors
  • Bi-Fold doors
  • Complete shower kits
  • Designs for Tiled areas
  • Custom made (for all shapes and sizes) Acrylic liners, baths and showers and bath surrounds (Shower liners to 2000 high)
  • Sliding wardrobe doors

Bathroom Solutions Group offers a range of solutions for all your bathroom needs; new, renovation, and remodeling.

Our services include:

Bathroom Renovations:

Bathroom Solutions Group Ltd specialises in bathroom renovations and makeovers of tired bathrooms to make the best use of space and to incorporate contemporary fixtures or period features. Our area of expertise, invite Marilyn, Jason or Tom to your home, allow them to advise and assist in designing your dream bathroom. We provide a personalised service to make bathroom renovation hassle-free; with the aim of a bathroom that is a pleasure to use with long lasting benefits, and increased value of your home.

We can help you with small works including shower replacements to the larger jobs like renovating your whole bathroom. Look through our gallery to find what you're looking for, whether you are looking for some smaller work done to your bathroom, browsing for ideas, or looking at previous bathroom renovations we have completed.  View Gallery.

Accessibility Bathrooms:

We will assist from the design to completion to enable independence and comfort for those with disabilities as they go about their daily lives. An accessible home design gives people living with a disability a greater level of comfort and independence.

Many new products are being designed with accessibility requirements being taken into account. This has resulted in a growing selection of high quality, attractive, useful and well thought-out products and designs that make everyday living with a disability much easier.

An increasingly popular concept known as "universal design" is based on the notion that any building should be attractive and usable by all people, regardless of age or physical ability. This trend is gaining momentum as the population ages and seniors seek to remain in their homes instead of moving to retirement communities.

Universal design adds to the concept of accessibility. In a universal design the space must not only be accessible, but must look good and be appealing to many different people.
View our gallery of accessibility bathrooms.

How Can We Help You ?

In addition to bathroom design and renovation, we also offer:

  • Door way widening
  • Home enhancements such as ramps etc.
  • Assistance with government funding process

Frameless Shower Doors:

Allow us the chance to design and install your frameless shower enclosure, we will custom make to suit the room, tile height etc.  As an added luxury think out of the square and have painted glass walls, any colour to suit your décor.  While we are at it, why not install painted glass splash back above your vanity, or in your kitchen.  We template all splash backs to ensure an exact fit.

Aluminium-Framed Shower Doors:

We manufacture and install the full range of SHOWERMAN shower doors and full shower enclosures.  We will custom make and install doors, screens and wall liners to suit all situations.  We are able to make a door and liner to a maximum height of 2 meters.

Shower Liners and Bath Screens:

We custom fold and install acrylic shower and bath liners, we can fold liners to 2 meters high to suit most standard showers and can fold and install 3 wall liners to any requested height for baths up to 1.700 long.  We custom make and install bath screens to any height, length and style required.

Shower Dome:

We are the Wellington district agents for the supply and installation of Showerdome. The logo below will take you to the Showerdome website that shows you how a Showerdome helps make your home drier, answers the frequently asked questions and shows the sizes available; your other option is to give us a call or come in to see us and we can help answer your questions and help you find the right size Showerdome to suit your shower.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors:

We manufacture, install and price to alter the opening if required for custom wardrobe sliding doors.  The doors can be mirrored, pre-finished board or plain board to be painted.


All products & services carry a 2 year warranty.

Bathroom Solutions are fully insured for your protection.

We service the greater Wellington region.

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